How to Dispute a False YouTube Copyright Claim

YouTube Copyright Claim

Dealing with a false copyright claim on YouTube can be frustrating. Such claims can affect your video's visibility, revenue, and even lead to channel strikes. However, YouTube provides ways to resolve these issues. Here's a guide on how to dispute a false copyright claim on YouTube.

Understanding Copyright Claims

Before diving into the dispute process, it's crucial to understand the difference between a copyright claim and a copyright strike:

Reviewing the Copyright Claim

When you receive a copyright claim, first review its details:

  1. Notification: You'll typically receive a notification in the "Copyright Notices" section of YouTube Studio or via email.
  2. Details: Examine the claim to identify the content in question, the claimant, and the reason for the claim.

Disputing a False Claim

If the claim is false or incorrect, you have options to address it:

  1. Edit the Video: If the claim is due to a specific section of your video, consider editing out or replacing the claimed content. YouTube provides tools to trim or replace the audio.

  2. Dispute the Claim: If you believe the claim is unjust, you can dispute it directly:

    • Go to YouTube Studio: Access the "Videos" section.
    • Locate the Claimed Video: Identify the video with the claim and click on "See details" to view the claim.
    • Dispute: Select the dispute option and follow the prompts to submit your dispute. You'll need to explain why the claim is incorrect, such as by arguing fair use or demonstrating that you own the content.
  3. Wait for a Response: The claimant has 30 days to respond to your dispute. They may choose to release the claim, uphold it, or take further legal action.

  4. Appeal (If Necessary): If your dispute is rejected, you can appeal. However, be cautious, as a rejected appeal may lead to a copyright strike.

Key Considerations


Navigating false YouTube copyright claims can be challenging, but understanding your options and taking appropriate steps can help you maintain your content's integrity and protect your channel. By knowing how to dispute a claim properly, you can avoid unnecessary disruptions to your YouTube activities.