Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use your music in my YouTube videos?

Yes! All the music that appears on our website can be used in YouTube videos. Just remember to give credits in the description of your video.

2. Can I monetize my videos with your music?

Yes! Even if your video shows YouTube ads you can monetize with this music. But again, remember to give credits in the description of your video. If you don't want to give credits or you're going to promote a product from a third party company then yes it would be considered commercial use and you've to buy a commercial license.

3. How can I give credits?

Add a few lines of text in the description of your video mentioning the name of the song, the artist and BreakingCopyright.

Example of how to give credits for the song "The Epic Hero" by Keys Of Moon

Click here

4. I have a commercial project or I don't want to give credits, Can I still use the songs?

Yes! But you have to buy a commercial use license in our store:

5. I am a freelancer, Can I buy a license for a client?

Yes! You can buy a license for your client here:

6. Can I receive a copyright strike?

We NEVER claim a video if credits have been given.

If you receive a third-party content or copyright claim you will see that it is not ours. In that case we invite you to dispute the false claim by following this video.

If you are wondering why this happens, the answer is simple: music distributors do not properly control the songs that reach them and introduce songs stolen from other artists into YouTube's copyright system. As a result, the original artists receive claims with their own songs, which makes no sense. To learn more we recommend you to read this post.

7. Where can I download the songs?

In each song you can find a button to download it in .mp3 format for free.

8. I'm an artist, How do I send you a song?

Send us a link to your demo so we can listen to it at: If you send us a soundcloud or youtube link that's much better!

9. Can I use one of your tracks as a base for my song?

Unfortunately this is not possible to avoid future copyright problems. Please note that buying a license for commercial use does not give you permission for this.

10. Can I make a music compilation?

No, making a compilation is forbidden even giving credits to each of the artists.